Speaking Topics & Training

Available on topics regarding limiting beliefs, trauma, and generational shaming,

How to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Are you looking for an innovative, Creative way for upper management to learn how to think and communicate at a more effective level with their staff? We have the answer for you. Learning should be fun and we are always thinking about how we can improve this process. There are many ways to look at a single problem which can be a burden when a group of individuals is trying to make sense of a problem and solve it.

Stress and Addiction in the Workplace

In this course, we will address and discuss daily workplace stressors and know when and how to decompress intense emotions. turn it off. We will dive into the popular concept of drug dependency and its impact on family dynamics, employment, and relationships. In other words, we will discuss the “why” of consuming illicit drugs/alcohol as a coping mechanism for an extended period. We will discuss how repeated exposure to high-stress, life-threatening situations coupled with long hours can turn law enforcement officers toward alcohol or drugs in order to decrease stress and manage emotions. 

Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Education

 I have extensive experience on the topic of drug/alcohol dependence and abuse. My goal is to educate organizations with the information that I have gained over the past 20 plus years. Another goal I believe is important is for individuals to gain an understanding of “diminishing” behavior by becoming aware of where the problem begins and what they can do to change their belief system that was created.

Empowering Women in the workplace

This workshop is to empower women and shift the beliefs ingrained in them by something someone said to them in their lifetime. Beliefs form a foundation of your expectations. Knowing these expectations help you better understand others and the world around you. As a woman in the workplace, you sometimes believe that you are not an important asset to the company. That is a belief that is created by our culture and is allowed to continue today.

How to Overcome Adversity: Breaking free from the “Why” of limiting beliefs.

The core message is that life doesn’t always happen the way you plan. Along your journey, there will be personal experiences with others that involve life-diminishing interactions which can create one’s own limiting beliefs. Learn how these limiting beliefs impact your own expectations and hinder your progress to fulfill your potential.

Therefore, we ask the question, “how do you handle adversity?” “Are you able to move on with your life or are you emotionally/socially paralyzed by the words or actions of others?” Let’s understand who influenced your limiting beliefs and why you allow those beliefs to carry so much weight so you can move forward with your life.