Providing a compelling personal experience that gives women the leadership skills and confidence they need to be fearless entrepreneurs!

Mentoring Women

Are you afraid of failure, rejection, or being judged?

At 360 Mindset Coaching, we will walk you through our 7-Step System to Self-Discovery, Awareness, and Empowerment©. This coaching process will teach you how to tap into your unrealized potential without any doubt.

At 360 Mindset Coaching, we put to rest those limiting beliefs women learned from their childhood experiences and female societal programming in order for you to be an empowered entrepreneur. Learn self-help strategies such as assertiveness, confidence, work/life balance, and accountability.

Breakthrough Coaching

Are you a woman who needs to overcome specific emotional barriers?

Learn how limiting beliefs impact your own expectations and hinder your progress to fulfilling your potential.

You’ll walk away knowing more about yourself, and become more confident and empowered!

You’ll walk away knowing more about yourself, and become more confident and empowered!

You will immediately realize and discover your strengths, and weaknesses, and how to deal with them all while eliminating self-sabotage and creating the life you are meant to live.

We will guide you through an effective, proven process, which will provide you with the necessary tools to become disciplined, self-motivated, goal-oriented, and confident.


“Giving women entrepreneurs a compelling personal/professional experience to confidence, leadership, and financial freedom.” Michael S. Oden

At 360 Mindset Coaching, we empower women entrepreneurs to overcome emotional obstacles and increase confidence to achieve their personal and professional goals. Remember at “360 Mindset,” we Discover the problem, Shift the belief, and Transform the behavior so there is “no doubt” in who you are as a women entrepreneur.

Michael is a speaker, trainer, coach, and author. Michael founded Final Step International out of his passion for helping others find their strength and fulfill their potential. Now, he wants to help women entrepreneurs to improve confidence, gain self-respect, become more assertive, and become happy with who they are by delivering ultimate customer service.

Alina is a speaker, trainer, hypnotherapist, contributing author, and success coach who helps women with goal setting, wellness practices, generational blessings, and family/work balance.