Own Your Dreams

What does it mean to Own your dreams? That is the question Dr. Ona Brown and twenty co-authors answer in this collaborative book, designed to be the ultimate self-development tool in your arsenal to make your dreams a reality. Achieving those deep desires are never easy; that is why so few do. Those who don’t quit, reap the reward. Each author in this book has struggled with massive obstacles placed in their way. Every chapter not only gives you valuable action steps that you can apply to your life but shows you what is possible. As you read their heart-warming stories, you learn how they conquered insurmountable difficulties to live the life of their dreams.

When Nobody’s Home

Michael S. Oden is the founder of “Final Step International Inc.” Behavioral & Communication Strategist with a Masters’s in Counseling Psychology and creator of “The Needs-Based Method®” , Michael is a keynote speaker, author, personal/professional Coach.  In 2014, Michael I published a book titled, “When Nobody’s Home A Finalist of the Eric Hoffer Award 2016 – Self-help,” which discusses the impact of trauma and its impact on who we become as individuals. Before the early stages of his professional career as a deputy probation officer, Michael pursued an acting career that expanded 8 years with 18+ theatrical/film productions, and commercials this experience has allowed him to display a powerful stage presence.

When Nobody’s Home:: Reveal and Heal the Missing Pieces of Childhood Trauma and Painful Experiences Break the Cycle of Dependency

…sometimes we need to go through the darkness to get to the light and that it may be emotionally painful…” the Needs-Based Method of [overcoming] alcohol and drug abuse,” and how Oden deals with the why dependency happens. Many can benefit from Oden’s eye-opening and highly successful method. — ”the emotional, physical, or social absence of or ‘neglect’ by a caretaker, or when nobody’s home.”